About Us

Who we are and what we do…

10,000+ Customers

Great Designs

Years of Experience

Our business which was started in 1983 has been providing
best quality clothing to our customers which they need for over
37 years now.

Epix Store is just for those who search for fashionable unique
and good quality clothing. We are a versatile brand to give you
the best quality clothes for our customers.

We keeping up with the latest trends and has been successful
since 1983. We decided to further expand our business as an online
business to provide you with the best and quality products that
you need. Our brand has unique designs and international designs too.

We will modify it into unique pieces that suit our customer base.
With over 37 years of experience and our new ideas, we look
forward to being with you as an online business for a long time.

Thank you, everyone, for being with us…